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I’m thrilled to announce the publication of Creating Steel Jewelry, an essential resource for metalsmiths who want to expand their skills! Whether you’re a blacksmith, bladesmith, or a jeweler, this book is your gateway to mastering new techniques. Dive into step-by-step instructions, complete with stunning photographs and illustrations.

This benchtop guide will lead you through the techniques of embellishing steel., starting with the basics and then providing detailed instructions for more specialized processes such as:

Fusing gold and other metals to steel,


Etching steel,

Working with stainless steel

Keum Boo, on steel

Patinating, and more.

The comprehensive manual will guide you to make breathtaking steel jewelry and decorative steel objects.

Creating Steel Jewelry offers a wealth of knowledge, techniques and inspiration for beginners and experienced artisans alike. Rich with interesting background and practical guidance, the book is drawn from the hundreds of hours that the author has devoted to teaching students throughout the world in the art of creating steel jewelry.

Hardcover, 162 pages, 306 high-quality color photos, charts and drawings. Written by Bette Barnett with contributions by Amanda Denison (enameling), and Andy Cooperman (stainless steel). Foreword by Peter Johnsson, master swordsmith. Technical consultant, Harold O’Connor, jewelry artist and author.

Each technique is described with step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear photos illustrating each part of the process. In this example, the photo illustrates the method for tacking the foil down as part of the Keum Boo process.

Gallery Section

As an added feature, the Gallery Section includes beautiful photos of work by well known steel artists such as Andy Cooperman, Pat Flynn and Janos Gabor Vargas whose work is shown left to right above.

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