Simply a show stopper, this neck piece surrounds the neck with an undulating form that is both sensuous and bold. Made of iron wire that has been fused with both shibuichi (an alloy of silver and copper) and shakudo (an alloy of gold and copper), the neck piece is incredibly light to wear yet formidable in its presence. It features an accent of reticulated silver adorned with fine silver granules, reminiscent of a pod on a winter branch.

aura neck piece

SKU: N1826
  • approximately 8 inch diameter

  • While the pendant has been sealed for protection, it is possible (though unlikely) that iron can rust if exposed to moisture. Store the jewelry away from moisture and avoid submerging it in any liquids. Avoid contact with perfumes, sunscreens or perfumes. Occasionally rub a small amount of light oil into the surface.