Mixed metals at their best in this steel and silver cuff. The reticulated silver glows against the surface of the jet black steel and is accentuated by a water cast silver pod and small silver inset circles. 

fidelity cuff

SKU: C2013
  • This jewelry has been sealed for protection to make it durable and long lasting. While unlikely, it is possible that steel can rust if exposed to moisture. Please store your beautiful jewelry in a dry place and avoid submerging it in water or other liquid. Avoid contact with sunscreen, lotion, perfume or other chemicals. Occasionally rub a small amount of light oil (olive or mineral) into the surface. In the very rare event that the surface corrodes in any way for reasons other than improper care, the jewelry will be refinished at no charge. 

  • 1 5/8" wide

    Fits a small to medium-small wrist (2 1/4" diameter)