Undulating on one edge and rimmed with gold along the other, the cuff is made of steel that has been etched in a pattern evoking ancient treasures. The cuff has been fused with 20k gold and 24k gold has been applied using the Keum Boo technique. The cuff also features a lovely pear shaped moonstone. It is designed to fit a medium sized wrist.

gilded cuff

SKU: C1706
  • The cuff has been sealed for protection. It is possible, though unlikely, that steel can rust if exposed to moisture. Store the cuff in a dry environment and avoid moisture. Also avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or sunscreens. Occasionally rub the surface with a small amount of light oil.

  • Designed to fit a medium wrist; do not put pressure on the cuff to adjust fit as that will stress the metal

    Width 1.5"

    Diameter 2.5"