Cuttlebone casting at its most creative. This sterling silver pendant displays the lovely undulating pattern produced through cuttlebone casting, which involves using the bony backplate of the cuttlefish (a type of squid) as a mold. The shape is carved into the cuttlebone and then molten silver is poured into the mold to form the pendant, which also features 24k gold applied using the ancient South Korean technique of Keum Boo. The negative spaces and raised areas are cast directly in the pendant. Suspended from a 2mm silver snake chain that is 27" long.

revelation pendant

SKU: N1761
  • While the pendant has been finished with a protective coating, please avoid exposure to moisture, including lotions and perfumes. Store in a dry place.

  • Pendant width: slighty under 1.0"

    Pendant height 2.40"

    Chain: 2mm, 27"