Keep learning during the COVID-19 quarantine   

Learn how to create dramatic Steel and Gold jewelry through workshops and private lessons. You'll receive hands-on experience with steel including sourcing, cutting, forming, texturing, patinating and finishing. Workshops focus on alloying gold, fusing it to steel and bonding it to steel using the Keum Boo technique. In my expanded five-day workshops, you'll learn how to add drama to steel through etching and texturing and how to work with steel wire and perforated steel sheet.


Best of all, you don't need advanced skills to learn the techniques. As long as you're comfortable with a torch, you're good to go.


Uncertain times call for new ways of learning jewelry skills. At a time when many face-to-face workshops are on hold, I am offering online classes by partnering with leading teaching studios to deliver virtual classes that replicate on site learning as closely as possible. Please see my Workshop Calendar for more details.

Private lessons with content tailored to your needs


Live online lessons:

  • $100/hour (two hour minimum)

  • $500/day (6 hours)


Group discounts available; maximum of three