Steel jewelry harkens to an ancient age.

Adding gold makes it contemporary!


Steel opened a door to freedom of expression in my jewelry creations, allowing me to offer wearable art that is less constrained than that of precious metals. As an artist I am lured by steel into exploring a grittier aspect of jewelry creation, into taking the most humble material and applying vision, design and execution to create art. Fusing gold to steel takes my work to another level entirely. The counterpoint of gold’s golden-yellow glow against the jet black of patinated steel sets off some sort of primal whisper in my head, a voice that murmurs, “Yes, this is it. This is the perfect tension, the ultimate balance.”

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Learn how to create dramatic Steel and Gold jewelry through workshops and private lessons. You’ll receive hands-on experience with steel including sourcing, cutting, forming, texturing, patinating and finishing. Workshops focus on alloying gold, fusing it to steel and bonding it to steel using the Keum Boo technique. In my expanded five-day workshops, you’ll learn how to add drama to steel through etching and texturing and how to work with steel wire and perforated steel sheet.

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