I am passionate about sharing my expertise with steel through these learning venues:

My goal as a teacher is twofold—to help students master the techniques needed to create beautiful steel jewelry and to spread my passion for working with this amazing metal. Regardless of the venue you choose, you will receive hands-on experience with steel as you learn a wide range of methods for creating eye-catching steel mixed metal jewelry.  Best of all, you don’t need advanced skills to learn the techniques. If you’re comfortable with a torch, you’re good to go.

What students say…

“Learning to work with steel offers metal artists so much freedom of expression. Bette’s classes cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques such as fusing powdered metals to steel and Keum Boo on steel.”

“Bette is a marvelous teacher! Her attention to detail and passion for steel comes through clearly in all of her workshops.”

“Thank you for sharing your passion for steel with me. It’s been path altering!”

“I can’t thank Bette enough for having provided the inspiration and education for me to now feel confident in working with steel. I have taken soooooo many classes and workshops over the years and this one, in my opinion, was hands down the best ever!”