Fusing Powdered Metals to Steel


$125, discounted for multiple classes

March 23-24, 2024

Day 1 Workshop 10 am-12 pm Pacific Time
Day 2 Open Studio 3 pm Pacific Time

We're all familiar with baby powder, powdered sugar and powdery snow. But did you know that metals also come in powdered form? It’s true, most metals are available as powders—including brass, bronze, copper, even gold, argentium and fine silver. In addition, metals can be converted into a fine powder by grinding or filing. When these powdered metals are fused to steel, that’s when the magic happens. Powdered metals fuse beautifully to steel and most flow to create an even shimmery veil. Silver powder is a treat because it fuses in a pattern of consolidated spheres or balls, resembling a starry sky. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about fusing metal powders to steel to create high-impact mixed metals steel jewelry. Powdered metals take the fusing technique to a finer level by providing more control of the process and flexibility in the effects. In this techniques-focused workshop, we will explore the exciting world of fusing powdered gold and other metals to steel. The workshop will be packed full of information, hands-on skill building and fun.

You will learn to:

  • Create gold filings/powder in preparation for fusing to steel
  • Fuse gold as well as commercially available powdered metals to steel, including silver, bronze, copper and argentium
  • Fuse multiple powdered metals to steel creating layers of colors
  • Apply a heat patina to create a range of different colors including inky black
  • Seal your jewelry using a high-grade wax
This fun and fast-paced workshop will open doors to new creative opportunities with powdered metals and steel.

Skill Level

Students should be comfortable using a torch and should possess basic metal working skills, such as sawing, filing and forming.  Students should be knowledgeable about safe practices in a jewelry studio.


$35 including shipping USPS flat rate small box For U.S. students, kits will be shipped approximately at least one week before the class start. For non-U.S. students the timing and shipping cost will be based on location.
  • Steel sheets 2 5” x 8” sheets, 20g
  • Powdered metals (small containers of powdered copper and silver)
  • Grinding wheel and mandrel
  • Sample of metal wax for sealing
  • Handouts (Patterns for two class projects, course presentation handouts, and source sheets for purchasing materials and supplies)

Student-Provided Supplies

Note that the sources shown are merely examples. Many different vendors can be sourced for these products. In addition to the general list for tools and supplies needed for working with steel (see “Basic Tools and Supplies” PDF below), you will need to provide the following supplies, materials and tools for this class:
  • Gold wire. Minimum 1” of 14g gold wire (either 14k, 18k or 20k). From Rio Grande
  • Small plastic or metal funnel diameter of at least 2”. From Amazon
  • Small jar or container. The funnel needs to rest securely in the mouth of the jar. Ideally with a lid as this jar will be used to store the gold that you will be grinding.
  • Flexshaft with any burs or wheels that you like to use (3M radial disc wheels are particularly good for steel)

Basic Tools & Supplies

For supplies, materials and tools that you will need to provide for all classes, please refer to the basic list for tools and supplies needed for working with steel in the pdf below. As with the list of class-specific supplies (above), many of these are items that you may have on hand. Note that the sources shown are merely examples. Many different vendors can be sourced for these products.

Basic Tools and Supplies for Working with Steel »

All classes are $125 each. If you sign up for two classes, each class is $110, and for three or more classes, $100. The cost of a kit, if any, will be additional. Discounts for multiple classes will be applied at checkout.

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