Light and Shadow—Electro-etching and Keum Boo on Steel. Urban Metal Studio

In Person

$125, discounted for multiple classes

April 28, 29 and May 1, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona

This three-day workshop is an exploration in creating steel jewelry, with an emphasis on two techniques: electro-etching and Keum Boo. Whether you have experience working with steel or are new to this fabulous metal, this workshop will provide the skills you need to create beautiful etched steel jewelry with the glow of gold using the Keum Boo process. Whether intaglio or high relief, etching adds beautiful dimension to steel jewelry. The addition of Keum Boo—gold foil bonded to metal—elevates etched steel to a whole new level by creating a play of light and shadow across the dimensional surface. This workshop is all about creating intense drama by electro-etching steel and then adding a layer of fine gold or fine silver foil (or combination of the two) that bonds seamlessly to the hills and valleys of the etched surface.

Basic Tools & Supplies

For supplies, materials and tools that you will need to provide for all classes, please refer to the basic list for tools and supplies needed for working with steel in the pdf below. As with the list of class-specific supplies (above), many of these are items that you may have on hand. Note that the sources shown are merely examples. Many different vendors can be sourced for these products.

Basic Tools and Supplies for Working with Steel »

All classes are $125 each. If you sign up for two classes, each class is $110, and for three or more classes, $100. The cost of a kit, if any, will be additional. Discounts for multiple classes will be applied at checkout.

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