Patinating and Sealing Steel Jewelry


$125, discounted for multiple classes

December 14-15, 2024

Day 1 Workshop 10 am-12 pm Pacific Time
Day 2 Open Studio 3 pm Pacific Time

Patinas bring steel jewelry to life! Steel can be enhanced by many different patinas, including a deep black that is a beautiful backdrop for fused metals and Keum Boo foils. The entire color palette is available for patinating steel, including gray, brown, yellow, orange, red, green, blue and more. Even a rust-like surface can be achieved as a stable patina on steel.  In addition, a quality sealer is essential to preserve the patina and protect your jewelry against wear, rust and corrosion. In this workshop, we will explore a wide range of patinas for steel, including heat and chemical patinas. In addition, we will examine a variety of sealers that are extremely effective for protecting your steel jewelry.

You will learn to:

  • Select the appropriate patina to achieve the color and effect that you want
  • Apply a heat patina, achieving a range of colors from tan to blue to near-black
  • Apply chemical patinas in black and brown, including a rust-like patina
  • Mix and apply a solvent dye patina available in any color
  • Layer patinas to add depth and interest
  • Select the appropriate oil, wax or lacquer sealers for your work
  • Properly apply sealers
  • Layer sealers when appropriate
You’ll come away from this workshop with a broader understanding of how to use patinas to make your steel jewelry truly distinctive. In addition, you will learn how to choose and apply the sealers that will ensure the lasting quality of your work.

Skill Level

This workshop is appropriate for all levels. Students should be knowledgeable about safe practices in a jewelry studio.


$30 including shipping USPS flat rate For U.S. students, kits will be shipped approximately at least one week before the class start. For non-U.S. students the timing and shipping cost will be based on location.
  • 2 sheets of mild steel 5” x 8”
  • 3 wool daubers for application of patinas
  • Sample of metal wax for sealing
  • Handouts (Course presentation handouts, and source sheets for purchasing materials and supplies)

Student-Provided Supplies

Note that the sources shown are merely examples. Many different vendors can be sourced for these products. In addition to the general list for tools and supplies needed for working with steel (see “Basic Tools and Supplies” PDF below), you will need to provide the following supplies, materials and tools for this class:
  • Black chemical patina. Two options: Oxpho Blue gun bluing from Brownell's OR Presto-black PC-9 patina from Sculpt Nouveau
  • Optional brown patina. Japanese Brown Patina from Sculpt Nouveau
  • Optional Solvent Dye Patina. You can order with the thinner and dye pre-mixed in the color(s) of your choice from Sculpt Nouveau or as an alternative, order the kit with 10 different colors of dyes, the thinner, wax and lacquer sealers from Sculpt Nouveau
  • Cheese cloth. From the grocery or hardware store
  • Baking soda. From the grocery store

Basic Tools & Supplies

For supplies, materials and tools that you will need to provide for all classes, please refer to the basic list for tools and supplies needed for working with steel in the pdf below. As with the list of class-specific supplies (above), many of these are items that you may have on hand. Note that the sources shown are merely examples. Many different vendors can be sourced for these products.

Basic Tools and Supplies for Working with Steel »

All classes are $125 each. If you sign up for two classes, each class is $110, and for three or more classes, $100. The cost of a kit, if any, will be additional. Discounts for multiple classes will be applied at checkout.

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