Wanna Mesh Around? Working with Woven Steel Fusing and Enameling Steel Mesh

July - August 2023

If you’ve been flirting with woven wire mesh, now is the time to get serious. Meshing around is so much fun! In fact, if I can be direct, it’s more fun than…well, you get the picture. If you’re looking for something new, exciting and totally titillating, the action is right around the corner with my brand new live, online workshop in woven steel mesh (also called woven steel cloth). This series of three classes covers the basics of working with mesh, fusing gold and other metals to steel mesh and enameling mesh.

Register for one, two or all three of the classes.

  • Class 1. Basics of Working with Mesh

  • Class 2. Fusing gold and other metals to mesh

  • Class 3. Enameling steel mesh