Steel Jewelry Online Learning Series

A New Concept in Jewelry Education

The Steel Jewelry Online Learning Series consists of live online workshops offered throughout the year, each focusing on a single technique. You can pick and choose which workshops you want to take. This new concept in jewelry education is designed to make online learning efficient and cost-effective, while maintaining a hands-on, personal approach.


  • Choose one, two three or more workshops.
  • Focus only on the skills you want and need to learn (no repetition).
  • Save money when you register for multiple workshops.
  • Maximize your budget and time through shorter affordable classes.

Each workshop consists of a two-hour live online class plus an open studio session the following day to discuss progress, ask questions and troubleshoot any issues.

What Does It Cost?

One of my key objectives for creating the Steel Jewelry Online Learning Series is to keep the workshops affordable. The basic cost for each module is $125, but when you register for two or three classes at the same time, the per-class cost is reduced. You can mix and match classes in any way.

  • When you register for one class— $125
  • When you register for two classes— $110 per class
  • When you register for three or more classes— $100 per class

You can register for as many or as few classes as you wish. When you register for two or more classes at the same time, you’ll save money. Most of the workshops includes an optional kit of supplies, ranging in cost from $35-$75. The discount will be applied at checkout.

Workshop Package

Regardless of the number of classes you choose, each workshop comes with

  • Pre-class education. Pre-recorded video tutorials and handout covering the Basics of Working with Steel.
  • Live online workshop session. Two hours including live lecture, pre-recorded demo videos, in-class discussion and assignment.
  • Detailed class handout. Detailed handout documenting the techniques covered in the class.
  • Live online open studio session. Informal open studio session to share work in progress, answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Resource handout. List of supplies, tools and equipment discussed in the workshop, including vendor links.
  • 30-day access to demos and class recordings. Easy 24-hour access to pre-recorded demos and class recordings.
  • Instructor access. Ongoing access to instructor via text and email.
  • Group support. Automatic membership in the Steel Artists Facebook Group.